Acounting Ways

Pizza Box Package


• Setting up on QuickBooks or Waveapps
• Customization of Chart of Accounts
• Sorting and matching receipts with credit card or bank statements
• Entry of all transactions to the appropriate categories
• Reconciliation of all checking and credit card accounts
• Preparation of balance sheet and profit & loss report
Fee to be determined based on consultation phone call.

Additional Services Available:
• Budget preparation
• Expense report preparation and submission
Note: A transaction is one check, one credit card charge, one customer invoice, or one cash expense.
For transactions above the package limit the charge will be $35 hour.
How We Invoice:
Invoices will be prepared each month with payment being due on the 1st of the month. We can set up automatic bill pay using Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
If your bookkeeping is outside the scope of the packages noted above, we can create a custom package for you.
For more information or to request a quote please contact us!